Bilingual Program

At Camberwell Primary School children have the opportunity to learn in the most extensive bilingual program in Victoria.

Our Community

Camberwell Primary School boasts a vibrant and socially active parent community. There are many ways parents can connect with others and get involved in school activities.


Camberwell Primary School is a restricted enrolment school with an 'enrolment ceiling'. To enrol students must reside in the neighbourhood area.

What's Happening

Check this space if you want to know what events or special occasions are coming up during this term!


"Awesome!"  "That was the best!"  "That was soooo cool!" were the words of the day as students from Level 2 burst forth from the Science room on Friday last week.   Science teacher Trish Fahy engaged the students in an experiment where they used a red cabbage natural acid/base indicator to identify common household liquids as either an acid or a base. They compared the color changes produced when mixing windex, lemon juice, washing detergent, vinegar and water with the pH indicator.


The Cobbers statue in Fromelles, France

On Thursday the 19 July, a service was held at the Cobbers statue below the Shrine of Remembrance to honour the more than 5500 Australian soldiers who died during the 12 hour Battle of Fromelles on July 19 and 20, 1916.     Our Principal, Helen Warnod, was invited to lay a wreath on behalf of the students and community of Camberwell Primary School amongst dignitaries Governor-General Quentin Bryce, the French Consul General Mme Myriam Bouvier-Wylie, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu, and Australian War Memorial acting assistant director Peter Pedersen and others. 

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